Bad Company Practises

Bad Company Marketing Practises

Still ranting a bit about emails from my last post. I sent a perfectly or so I thought, reasonable email to Jonathan at gmail. He has not even bothered to reply but guess what,  the company he is working for has sent me the same email he originally sent…only this time they have their own FREE gmail account and are also claiming the following as a HEADER: PAID TRAINING SALES POSITION Re: $35,827.29 a day with ZERO work (details inside).

The company name is : AMBIT MARKETING when you click on the company link it states;

Inactive Web Alias

The Web Alias ambitenergys1234 is inactive. This may be an old or canceled account. Please try again.


with an email address used of so buyer beware!!!!!!

Funny enough I have also now received another email exactly the same again from again buyer beware!!!!!!

I have replied with an email to Jonathan as follows;

Hi Jonathan

I am an ethical Internet Marketer who you are sending this junk mail to?
I have had emails from some of the guys on the list asking if I could delete them from the list?
Sent a reply email to the 400 plus guys on your list asking them to go to my blog where I discuss the unsolicited emails received.
This is not proper Internet Marketing.
You cannot prove or justify what you claim.
No one has asked to be on your list.
It is against your gmail account rules, they will ban you if complaints made.
Your list is well out of date as I have had a very high percentage of failed deliveries, to the email I sent as above.
No optin form has been used.
You are using a FREE email to try and sell online.
No one with any sense will buy from you due to the above comments I have made.
Your reputation online will be tarnished by the methods you are using.
Please read this email as it is intended…that is to try and help you.
If anyone has ever trained you, or you have the impression this is how Internet Marketing is done.
Let me assure you no reputable Internet Marketer would even contemplate the above.
If you are needing help or training then I would rather help you than let you continue using the unethical methods you are using.
Please take this email as intended, that is there are better and correct ways of working, which within reason I am willing to inform you of…in fact just follow my Blog and/or subscribe to my autoresponder list.
Until next time.
I have received no reply so IS THIS A REAL PERSON? Not that I care but have reported to gmail as spam…let’s see what happens.
Rant over, lets get on with more important things…
Until next time.
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