Hectic Week Due To Virus

Well, what a week I have had…                                                                                                                                                                                    Anything that can go wrong has…

First of all my wordpress plugin ezeeoptinpage has needed a few additions, now OK and should be ready for launch soon. All that is needed now is to set up the program, squeeze pages, affiliate website, membership website, sales funnel, banners and so on.

In the middle of all this I have been studying John Thornhill’s P2S course and then I get a bug on my computer! Had to download a new program and it would not download due to my virus control. So stupidly I disconnected my virus control to enable download and guess what, the virus was waiting LOL now, but not at time. To get rid of the virus after trying everything I could think of I had to restore to a previous time, done this several times but bug was still there.
Eventually I reluctantly restored my computer to factory settings and have spent most of the week re-installing all my programs. What a great job that was, luckily I still had my backup…so a lesson for me and to us all, always back up, and do not disable your virus controls. So I suppose all is well that ends well as they say.

Now going to get on with mindmapping my product, inform John Thornhill of product, join some Facebook groups and introduce myself as well as introduce myself to the Facebook Groups I joined last week. Also going to discuss my new product on all of my social media, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, do a YouTube Video, Pinterest, Skype, RSS and any other forum I can think of to create interest and hopefully attract some JV’s/Affiliates anyone interested in my new product just click this link JV’s/Affiliates . My wordpress plugin named ezeeoptinpage is used by all online marketers for squeeze pages, webpages, sales funnel, sales pages you name it, then ezeeoptinpage can do it…without HTML and is basically drag and drop, it can accommodate, text, video, optin button even paypal button. So easy even a newbie can use and set up a web page within minutes. The product is not ready for launching yet, but should be available in the next few weeks once all my sites, sales funnel and squeeze pages are ready to go.

So going to be busy for some time, but will keep you all informed of my progress and launch dates, going to make a limited time launch at a special price so keep looking back here for details.

To our success


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