How To Find A Good Solo Ad

How To Find A Good Solo Ad

"I'm beginning to think email stands for endless mail."So following on from my last post…how do you find good Solo Ads?  Well depends on what kind of Solo Ads you are looking for, for my purposes I am not going to consider what I would call commercial Solo Ads. where they only deal in bulk. For launching products (you should have as many good affiliates with an affiliate procedure in place) or selling your products you need a list which will be interested in what you are offering.

So how can we get this list? There are marketers who sell Solo Ads and you can find them by a google search or in my case, I tend to go to Facebook groups where they have a reputation to keep and a lot of the groups involved recommend each other and even give statistics of what occurred when they had used a particular persons Solo Ads. All you have to do is search Solo Ads Groups on Facebook and they will show those available, some are closed groups but a number allow you to join. Remember and confirm your niche…no point in Solo Ads for weight watchers when you are selling chocolate!! Now this is not inexpensive and in fact could get really expensive if you are not careful!

So lets say you do not have a lot of money…or know anyone who has a good subscribers list in your niche, how can you use Solo Ads? There is a way but it takes a bit of work and time… We are all on someones list and are subscribers, in fact I make a point of doing so, as I learn from the emails sent and what products are available, who I like and who is just out to sell for the sake of making money. So what do I suggest, that you open up a subscriber email account, one which you will not use for anything else except for any email list you subscribe to, if you do not have one open up a subscriber email account. Then subscribe to as many lists as you wish say 50 to 100. Read or at least open the emails, as most of us have a means to know if emails have been opened or clicked, you do not have to buy, just open to see what they have to say. This way you will soon get to know who is in your niche, who is just out to sell and send numerous emails with the next new product, who you actually like, who is trying to help you, who is only out to make money and so on.

Why would you do this, well if you like someone and know they are not just out to sell any product that has just been released and is the next best thing, but they are good emails which you like to open and they help as well as sell of course, as that is how everyone makes a living. Then the other subscribers they have will think along the same lines as you (or better odds at least). So now you know, or have a good idea, who has a good subscriber list that is interested in what the sender has to say and if you can use this list you have multiplied your odds tremendously. I would then contact the person who you have decided is right for you and your niche after a month or so and ask  a few questions. Would they be willing to send an email out on your behalf as you are in a similar niche and think your product might benefit their subscribers? Possibly even a few of their subscribers initially to try out and see results before asking to send out to all of the subscribers. Ask how much he would wish to be paid per subscriber he sends your email out to, or work out a percentage of what is sold or even offer them to be an affiliate for you. Obviously you have to send a professional email to the person with the list confirming you have a good product. You might even offer them the product to try out for themselves, therefore proving you have confidence in your product and trust  in them! Remember not all Internet Marketers will let you use their subscribers for a variety of reasons, do not take umbrage, thank them and ask if you can stay in touch, thank them for listening and move on!


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