John Thornhill Course

John Thornhill Course 2

Completed John’s second part of course yesterday…getting interesting and taking more time but still on basics. Have applied again for fast track but takes at least 24 hours, so will have to wait for next instalment! The course so far is about how to build a blog, domain name , Hosting, what plugins to use etc. As said basic stuff, but do not want to get ahead of the course so sticking to instructions. Very precise video presentation, especially if it gets a bit technical for newbies, so instructions constructed so a child could follow, which as we know and I definitely do, as like everyone else I have been there, if you are a newbie this course is ideal. John even gives a guarantee that you will earn money within 12 months or he will refund twice what you have paid…who has ever seen this offer before?
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John Thornhill Course 1

Received first part of John’s course. The course has to be started as if you are a newbie, so very basic, have asked to be fast tracked until it or I get caught up to the level I am at. Looks good course though, very in depth so almost impossible not to follow. Excited about getting on with it and helping plus getting assistance from my peers.

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