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 Have been an affiliate with Amazon for some time now but not using efficiently, not earning much (in fact not earning at all from Amazon.com), found out account had been closed so will have to open a new account. This seems to be the only way that their system works, decided to build a devoted website to Amazon products. Where do I start?

First decided to do some research, after some time looking have decided to use “Fresh Store Builder” with Carey Baird. Next used Carey’s “Fresh Website Hosting”adding WordPress Blog to sales page as well as “Quick Store Setup” which saves time as only one click required to build store. After much thought, also decided to become a developer as well as a premium member as numerous advantages to doing so.

Next which niche to go into for my first store? Done research on Amazon top selling products and have decided my niche will be Health and Personal Care, on checking for domain names have decided on http://www.healthcareforallonline.com

This is a new domain name rather than buying an old domain name with existing links and history which would help with SEO, this will take longer for my new store to be seen on search engines, meaning I will spend more time before earning.

Now I need to use a different email address to open a new associate account with Amazon, then I can build my new store.

Will take a little time to now put all of the above together and start earning …

So watch this space for updates on how this is working out!!!

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