How To Find A Good Solo Ad

"I'm beginning to think email stands for endless mail."So following on from my last post…how do you find good Solo Ads?  Well depends on what kind of Solo Ads you are looking for, for my purposes I am not going to consider what I would call commercial Solo Ads. where they only deal in bulk. For launching products (you should have as many good affiliates with an affiliate procedure in place) or selling your products you need a list which will be interested in what you are offering.

So how can we get this list? There are marketers who sell Solo Ads and you can find them by a google search or in my case, I tend to go to Facebook groups where they have a reputation to keep and a lot of the groups involved recommend each other and even give statistics of what occurred when they had used a particular persons Solo Ads. All you have to do is search Solo Ads Groups on Facebook and they will show those available, some are closed groups but a number allow you to join. Remember and confirm your niche…no point in Solo Ads for weight watchers when you are selling chocolate!! Now this is not inexpensive and in fact could get really expensive if you are not careful!

So lets say you do not have a lot of money…or know anyone who has a good subscribers list in your niche, how can you use Solo Ads? There is a way but it takes a bit of work and time… We are all on someones list and are subscribers, in fact I make a point of doing so, as I learn from the emails sent and what products are available, who I like and who is just out to sell for the sake of making money. So what do I suggest, that you open up a subscriber email account, one which you will not use for anything else except for any email list you subscribe to, if you do not have one open up a subscriber email account. Then subscribe to as many lists as you wish say 50 to 100. Read or at least open the emails, as most of us have a means to know if emails have been opened or clicked, you do not have to buy, just open to see what they have to say. This way you will soon get to know who is in your niche, who is just out to sell and send numerous emails with the next new product, who you actually like, who is trying to help you, who is only out to make money and so on.

Why would you do this, well if you like someone and know they are not just out to sell any product that has just been released and is the next best thing, but they are good emails which you like to open and they help as well as sell of course, as that is how everyone makes a living. Then the other subscribers they have will think along the same lines as you (or better odds at least). So now you know, or have a good idea, who has a good subscriber list that is interested in what the sender has to say and if you can use this list you have multiplied your odds tremendously. I would then contact the person who you have decided is right for you and your niche after a month or so and ask  a few questions. Would they be willing to send an email out on your behalf as you are in a similar niche and think your product might benefit their subscribers? Possibly even a few of their subscribers initially to try out and see results before asking to send out to all of the subscribers. Ask how much he would wish to be paid per subscriber he sends your email out to, or work out a percentage of what is sold or even offer them to be an affiliate for you. Obviously you have to send a professional email to the person with the list confirming you have a good product. You might even offer them the product to try out for themselves, therefore proving you have confidence in your product and trust  in them! Remember not all Internet Marketers will let you use their subscribers for a variety of reasons, do not take umbrage, thank them and ask if you can stay in touch, thank them for listening and move on!


To your success



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What Is A Good Solo Ad?

At this moment in time, I do not have a large enough subscriber list, especially since I am developing a wordpress plugin for launching in the next few weeks all going well. So what to do? Obviously I am building my subscriber list organically…slow and steady at moment. I am in the John Thornhill Partnership to Success program as well as actively looking for affiliates, but what else can I and other guys with a launch coming up in the future do to help make a launch a success.  Apart from the normal stuff you do to organise a launch and help your affiliates get ready, you need a list of potential buyers!

With all of the work and effort being put in before and after a launch you do need it to be a success. This is only possible if all concerned has a list to send your product to, a list of preferably guys who have bought in the past! This is basically what a real solo ad is…let me digress a little, as there are two types of solo ads, I like to call them commercial and private solo ads! But both are named Solo Ads!!!

So what is the difference?

Well you can have someone who builds a list by whatever means, giveaways, sold to in past or whatever is required to build a huge list then they send out two or three emails daily (sometimes a lot more than two or three times daily) from whoever they have sold use of list as a Solo Ad to. This is what I would call a commercial list and to be perfectly honest  the list is saturated, always dropping off and unsubscribing so has to be constantly topped up by whatever means it can be…the subscribers are inundated with offers and sometimes given incentives so as to open the email, in all likelyhood with no intention of buying or the percentage buying is poor for the cost and time involved, even worse they may not even be in the niche you are looking for. I am sure this kind of Solo Ad is good for something but certainly not for the launch of a product!!!

The other kind of Solo Ad is where you may have an Internet Marketer in the same or similar niche as you. He has built up his list over time and gets a good open and buy rate. If and that is a “BIG IF” he sells the use of his list, in most cases will only be used once or twice a week or maybe even once or twice a month. Remember this guy is making a living from his list why saturate them with emails and have them unsubscribing because they are being inundated with emails and non stop offers?

Both of the above are named Solo ADs which is a bit misleading, but I know which I will be using if needed when the time comes.

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Bad Company Marketing Practises

Still ranting a bit about emails from my last post. I sent a perfectly or so I thought, reasonable email to Jonathan at gmail. He has not even bothered to reply but guess what,  the company he is working for has sent me the same email he originally sent…only this time they have their own FREE gmail account and are also claiming the following as a HEADER: PAID TRAINING SALES POSITION Re: $35,827.29 a day with ZERO work (details inside).

The company name is : AMBIT MARKETING when you click on the company link it states;

Inactive Web Alias

The Web Alias ambitenergys1234 is inactive. This may be an old or canceled account. Please try again.


with an email address used of so buyer beware!!!!!!

Funny enough I have also now received another email exactly the same again from again buyer beware!!!!!!

I have replied with an email to Jonathan as follows;

Hi Jonathan

I am an ethical Internet Marketer who you are sending this junk mail to?
I have had emails from some of the guys on the list asking if I could delete them from the list?
Sent a reply email to the 400 plus guys on your list asking them to go to my blog where I discuss the unsolicited emails received.
This is not proper Internet Marketing.
You cannot prove or justify what you claim.
No one has asked to be on your list.
It is against your gmail account rules, they will ban you if complaints made.
Your list is well out of date as I have had a very high percentage of failed deliveries, to the email I sent as above.
No optin form has been used.
You are using a FREE email to try and sell online.
No one with any sense will buy from you due to the above comments I have made.
Your reputation online will be tarnished by the methods you are using.
Please read this email as it is intended…that is to try and help you.
If anyone has ever trained you, or you have the impression this is how Internet Marketing is done.
Let me assure you no reputable Internet Marketer would even contemplate the above.
If you are needing help or training then I would rather help you than let you continue using the unethical methods you are using.
Please take this email as intended, that is there are better and correct ways of working, which within reason I am willing to inform you of…in fact just follow my Blog and/or subscribe to my autoresponder list.
Until next time.
I have received no reply so IS THIS A REAL PERSON? Not that I care but have reported to gmail as spam…let’s see what happens.
Rant over, lets get on with more important things…
Until next time.
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Email List Rant

Are you on an email list that you did not subscribe to? I have been added to a few and put them down as spam, alerted my gmail to place as junk mail, so the sender is basically wasting their time and getting a bad name into the bargain!

What is even worse is that recently I have been added to a list and getting emails I did not ask for. In addition some of the other guys on the list have emailed me asking me to remove them from the list? It is not even an autoresponder list, whoever it is (as I do not think a proper marketer would even attempt this) has manually or some gadget app been used to add the names of all being sent the emails, therefore we can all see the list of everyone who is being sent the sales pitch?

There are 400 plus on the list being sent manually…does this guy not know this is junk mail “SPAM”!!! I have sent a reply which goes to the 400 plus on list stating I am not the email sender and if they read my blog they will see what I think of this idiot.

Hi Guys

This is not my emails…so I cannot delete you from the list Someone has obviously received our email address and sent out almost a spam email? I am an ethical marketer and use a subscribed list only for those who have asked for to be added (twice). See my blog where one of my posts discusses this practice.

So you know who you are jonathan using gmail, a FREE email to try and sell products…not professional at all?


1. His company he is using to send the emails will eventually ban him for sending junk mail…SPAM! (against gmail rules).

2. His reputation if he ever had one will be tarnished!

3. No one is going to buy a product from someone that has no autoresponder and did not even ask permision to send emails?

4. Obviously no optin form was used and a “FREE” email account!

No wonder we are getting a bad name as Internet Marketers…I am having a right rant here and so incensed with this guy! Have decided to send him a private email to ask him to check my Blog…and then he may realise just what he is doing, or if someone taught him this method he will realise it does not work and the so called trainer or guru or whatever is rubbish!!!

WOW I feel better just getting that off my chest…

Until next time…


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Internet Marketers Subscription List

I am on a number of internet marketers subscription list… and got to say some of them are appalling!!! Thats the nicest word I can think of calling them at the moment. Some of the emails I receive have been so bad, it is almost certain, I will never open any emails from them again. But on the other hand some of the emails are soooo good I look forward to opening them!

So, why am I subscribed to other Internet Marketers lists and even more importantly, why do I look forward to opening some emails and others I no longer even bother to read? There is obviously important lessons to be learned here…

First let me really really stress, it is important to “follow” and be subscribed to people in this business.

Even if your budget will not allow you to buy private coaching, training or mentorship or any kind of course, you can learn and benefit from the right people, especially if you are on their list, study what they do and say, also how they do it, how do they draw you in, how do they get you involved and basically just ask them any questions you may have?

You should not be bombarded with every random product that the internet marketer has come across, just to earn money and make him or her a buck or two. Of course you will be recommended products, we do all have to earn a living, but the product should be of a high value. The product might have been created by the internet marketer, or should be from his or her trusted vendors list, or even products they have bought or been given free therefore been tested and known to work and do as stated!!! I wonder sometimes if the email sender has forgotten what he or she is supposed to be trying to do! Will this product they are promoting “Help YOU make more money” , “Help YOU save time”,  “What are the benefits for YOU” its basics really but did some internet marketers ever know this, or have they just forgotten?

AND then the most important part of Internet Marketing happens…you trust them and their recommendations and even as I stated earlier, look forward to opening their emails… You might not buy every time they make a recommendation, but if you have read their email, guess what YOU WILL MORE LIKELY BUY FROM THEM!!!

If you are on my subscribers list, let me assure you I am not a complete “newbie” marketer, I am on a new course to help with my Internet Marketing, I am not trying to fake it until I make it!  I work full time at my business having had a few years of sales and marketing experience with some online success. I really do feel I can genuinely help others, and I am always willing to help.

Unlike most marketers you are subscribed to, I personally respond to all your replies to my emails. A number of marketers don’t even have a valid email address connected to their autoresponder?

I often just give stuff for free. If I make a simple bit of software or an eBook sometimes even a video for myself. I will give it free or add it as a free bonus for my subscribers. Stick with me, I promise I will do my best to help you succeed!



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John Thornhill Course 2

Completed John’s second part of course yesterday…getting interesting and taking more time but still on basics. Have applied again for fast track but takes at least 24 hours, so will have to wait for next instalment! The course so far is about how to build a blog, domain name , Hosting, what plugins to use etc. As said basic stuff, but do not want to get ahead of the course so sticking to instructions. Very precise video presentation, especially if it gets a bit technical for newbies, so instructions constructed so a child could follow, which as we know and I definitely do, as like everyone else I have been there, if you are a newbie this course is ideal. John even gives a guarantee that you will earn money within 12 months or he will refund twice what you have paid…who has ever seen this offer before?
In the meantime I am earning on the Internet through my sandyscoaching video productions which has a special offer on at the moment! This offer cannot be beaten… I am giving away a “FREE” animated sales video, yes thats right the sales video is on offer “FREE” just click on sandys coaching video productions or click here !!!   At least click onto the site to view the video, what have you got to loose? To receive the “FREE” Sales Video, all you have to do is click on the page and send me your details, I will send back the existing text on the video for you to change to your own text and hey presto, I will send you the video with full copyright…I even put it on youTube so it can be seen…all this for nothing “FREE” !!!  What have you got to loose click here to have a look!!!


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Spent yesterday forming a closed Facebook Group called sandyscoaching.
sandyscoaching is here to help bring entrepreneurs, JV’s, affiliates together with Internet Marketers in general, to help all of us have a platform to speak to each other, give ideas and launch our products to the world! To help all of us, it really is as simple as that! Already has 10 members, looking for more so just click on sandyscoaching to apply to join. If you know others then, please ask them to apply as well, the more the merrier.



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John Thornhill Course 1

Received first part of John’s course. The course has to be started as if you are a newbie, so very basic, have asked to be fast tracked until it or I get caught up to the level I am at. Looks good course though, very in depth so almost impossible not to follow. Excited about getting on with it and helping plus getting assistance from my peers.

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Welcome To Sandy Buchanan’s Blog

This is my first post on my new blog. I have just started a course to help me with my Internet Marketing, Partnership to Success, with John Thornhill. Been Internet Marketing for some time, but did not give Internet Marketing the time required due to illness in family, therefore only earned a few dollars. Obviously a lot of time is required and some hard work, especially in the early days and of course I feel I have been doing some things wrong. My products are good value, but feel I never achieved full potential, as they say, no one knows everything and you are never too old to listen and learn. Think I am missing a few things as well as needing a mentor! Follow me on my journey as I build my business in real time.

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